The Making of Destiny's Road

I just completed my 6th short film, Destiny’s Road, as the writer/director/producer. It took a village to pull it off and I’m grateful for the extraordinary crew that made it happen. Film credits are now viewable on IMDB. Check out my tribe!

This film is a proof of concept for my feature screenplay of the same name that was recently selected for the Women In Film Financing Intensive, which will take place in a few weeks. 

Key takeaways from my experience of making this film in California and advice to filmmakers: 1. It’s cheaper to get worker’s comp insurance from the CA State Fund or a payroll company than an insurance broker. You’ll save several hundreds. 2. Expect the unexpected and plan for it, last minute fixes can be costly. Allow at least 5% in the budget for contingencies.  3. With the California AB5 law, most crew members are classified as employees and not independent contractors, so you’ll have to pay taxes on their salaries. It's best to use a payroll company who can handle this for you.  They'll even send out your 1099 forms during tax season. 4. Live in the moment! Don’t get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that you forget you’re making movie magic. 


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