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2018 Don't Owe Me A Thing

While prepping my good luck meal for the New Year (black eyed peas, collard greens, cornbread, etc.), I felt inspired to blog a reflection of my 2018 journey.   This year marked my 10 th year LAnniversary.     Whew – It’s been a ride! I’m still here and standing strong! My path has not been linear and at most times unclear. Nonetheless, the destination has not changed since I realized filmmaking was how I wanted to make my living - a desire I believe God placed in my heart.   Although the route has taken longer than expected, each year I receive little victories that confirm I’m on the right path. This year was met with challenges and triumphs.     I left my job of five years to work for an amazing company that would elevate my career and provide personal growth.   A few weeks into the position, I got the devastating news that my Grandmother passed from her battle with dementia.    Despite knowing this day would come, nothing prepared me for such loss.   It was hard to