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Announcing the 2020 ScreenCraft Film Fund Second Rounders - ScreenCraft

Happy to announce that my feature script "Destiny's Road" made it to the 2nd round of the Screencraft Film Fund! 

Announcing the 2020 ScreenCraft Film Fund Second Rounders - ScreenCraft: Listed below are the Second Rounders of the 2020 ScreenCraft Film Fund. These exceptional projects were selected from almost 800 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this...


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BLACK LIVES MATTER! Information on how to stay informed and help those who are in the fight for justice!

The recent killings of  Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor reminded the world that we need immediate change and real reforms to a justice system built on racism.  As an artist, I've struggled over the last two weeks with being creative or promoting any of my successes.  I'm hurting along with my community and fearing the safety of my love ones.   I don't know when I will regain my peace, but what gives me hope during these unprecedented  and traumatic times is the attention and outrage these injustices are receiving around the globe.  Many friends and allies want to know how to help.   Here are a few ways: Make a donation to Bail Out Fund Organizations Atlanta Boston Chicago Columbus Houston Los Angeles Las Vegas Louisville Milwaukee Philadelphia Phoenix Portland Toronto Seattle National Support organizations who are organizing and leading social justice reforms: COLOR OF CHANGE ACLU NAACP BLACK LIVES MATTER JUSTICE FOR BREONNA RUN WITH MAUD COVID-19 PROTEST RE

Upcoming Destiny's Road Screenings

Click the Film Festival name to purchase tickets 12/12 - 12/13 @ Women of African Descent Film Festival 2020 11/6 - 11/30 @ Black Harvest Film Festival 11/1 - 12/1 @ Baltimore Black Film Festival 10/12 - 10/25 @ Urban Mediamakers Festival 9/18 - 9/19 @ Canadian International Faith Family Film Festival 8/7 -8/9 @ Compassion Fim Festival 7/23-7/25 @ Inspired Faith Film Festival 6/20 - 7/20 @  San Francisco Black Film Festival 6/10 @  Black Truth Film Festival   6/3 - 6/9 @   International Christian Film Festival 3/7 @ Cinema Sisters International Film Festival 1/22 @ Denton Black Film Festival TBD @ Women International Film Festival TBD @ Queen Palm International Film Festival  

Film Festival screenings Amidst the Covid 19 Pandemic

The festival submission process for Destiny's Road started out rough. We got so many rejections the first round of submissions, with only making the official selection of one film festival and finalist for another.  Although it wasn't what I expected, I was grateful.  It saved my self esteem. I knew I had a good quality film and I thought that most film festivals would recognize that too. After getting some honest feedback at a test screening with fellow film directors from Alliance of Women Directors, I realized that I needed to be more strategic with my submissions.  I shifted my focus from applying to the commercial festivals with A list attachments to niche festivals located in places where I could build an audience for the feature version of my film, which I've already written. Finally,  I started receiving multiple emails that started with "Congratulations."  I still received rejections but not as many as before.  We screened at