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BLACK LIVES MATTER! Information on how to stay informed and help those who are in the fight for justice!

The recent killings of  Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor reminded the world that we need immediate change and real reforms to a justice system built on racism.  As an artist, I've struggled over the last two weeks with being creative or promoting any of my successes.  I'm hurting along with my community and fearing the safety of my love ones.  I don't know when I will regain my peace, but what gives me hope during these unprecedented and traumatic times is the attention and outrage these injustices are receiving around the globe. 

Many friends and allies want to know how to help.  Here are a few ways:

Make a donation to Bail Out Fund Organizations

Support organizations who are organizing and leading social justice reforms:

Attend these upcoming events to stay informed:

The NAACP will be hosting an emergency virtual town hall on June 4th.  Click here for details.

One World Events will host a conversation with Alicia Garza about the importance of resistance and resilience, and why they ground their work in a vision of collective humanity. Click here to register. 

Please feel free to post in the comments section other relative organizations or events that are not listed above, and I'll update this post.

God bless & be safe!


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