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Destiny's Road Screenings

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2021 Screenings

11/6 @ Faith Fest

9/25 @ Moorpark Film Festival [Received Best Short Film Audience Award]

2/25 - 2/28 @ NC Black Film Festival

TBD @ Jamaica International Faith Film Festival

TBD @ Queen Palm International Film Festival [Received Honorable Mention for Best Short Film in the Inspirational Films Category.]

2020 Screenings

10/12 - 10/25 @ Urban Mediamakers Festival   [Received 2nd Runner-up for Best Short Film]

6/10 @ Black Truth Film Festival  [Received Best Short Film Award]

6/3 - 6/9 @  International Christian Film Festival [Received Best Screenplay Nomination]



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The recent killings of  Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor reminded the world that we need immediate change and real reforms to a justice system built on racism.  As an artist, I've struggled over the last two weeks with being creative or promoting any of my successes.  I'm hurting along with my community and fearing the safety of my love ones.   I don't know when I will regain my peace, but what gives me hope during these unprecedented  and traumatic times is the attention and outrage these injustices are receiving around the globe.  Many friends and allies want to know how to help.   Here are a few ways: Make a donation to Bail Out Fund Organizations Atlanta Boston Chicago Columbus Houston Los Angeles Las Vegas Louisville Milwaukee Philadelphia Phoenix Portland Toronto Seattle National Support organizations who are organizing and leading social justice reforms: COLOR OF CHANGE ACLU NAACP BLACK LIVES MATTER JUSTICE FOR BREONNA RUN WITH MAUD COVID-19 PROTEST RE

DESTINY'S ROAD screening in Kigali, Rwanda

Last February, I volunteered with Venture2Impact in Kigali, Rwanda, a non profit organization based in Canada. While there I worked with Hopes & Homes for Children community center where I had the opportunity to train staff and mentor young entrepreneurial parents in the village. The staff consisted of tech employees from New York, California, Canada, and London. I was the only tech employee/ filmmaker in the group. Each day started with a 2 mile walk up a dirt hill from Yambi House, a Bed and Breakfast type hotel, to the community center where we would pass local women perfectly balancing large bowls of avocados or bananas on their heads, sometimes with babies happily strapped on their backs. On occasion, we would run into school children who wanted to chat or locals on their way to work via motor taxis. Once we arrived to the center, the younger children would sing beautifully to us before heading home and before the adult participants arrived. The Community members were eager t